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Rediscovering who you really are

Everyone is free when they know who they really are. This book taps into the 99% of the reader that isn't seen and revitalizes it for them to embrace. Just reading this book changes the life of the reader as it ties together concepts that make life understandable.

This book brings the reader back into the infinity that is them and inspires changing ones life in meaningful ways. Life and the universe ring with joy with the turn of every page. If you're only going to read one book this year, this is the book.
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Who's in control of the powerful you and why that's changing

This book reads like a thriller as every strand of evidence leads you through why you've been constrained to living to a fraction of your potential. Having taken us to the brink, it then explains cogently how these systems are now failing and will, in fact, disappear. But it's not a story of apocalypse and it's not a book of platitudes of hope.

It's an incisive insight into the current main event in the universe, a true story of why what emerges into our world is truly Heaven on Earth.
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Change is Natural

The first two books in the series set the stage. In the first act it becomes clear that I am way more than I was ever told by my parents or taught in school. In the second act the mystery of the web is revealed to give me a broad awareness, but in this the third book, I felt I was being given the tools to emerge from a long sleep into shining armor.

This is a book that cuts through the new age mumbo jumbo and puts the truth of how things work on the line.
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Lift the Veils to Reality

The fourth book in this series might practically be considered the first because it represents a distillation of all the material in the other three. In this book, concepts are presented in concise fashion designed to provide the reader with understanding of all principles of Pure Leadership. When you’re ready to delve more deeply into specific topics, the other books offer a deeper and more detailed understanding.
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