The Lifting the Veils of Reality workshop is comprised of four sessions, each five hours in duration. Jas Malcolm takes you beyond the “belief transformation” outlined in the books into the new world that has opened up to him since the books were first published. The workshop progresses through understanding yourself as a ‘field of information’ into the ‘design of your musical matrix’ and is rich with exercises to change and de-age your physical. What is fascinating is that there’s a hidden “overrider” within all of humanity, an “overrider” that is designed in such a sophisticated way as to block you from being fully free. This ‘blockage’ occurs from a foundational belief each person receives in the womb, which belief is tied into humanity’s DNA.

The workshop culminates in the last two sessions with a merger of the survival mind and a deep multi-hour meditative exercise to allow your “overrider” to be born.

Currently these knowledge intensive workshops are available only in Calgary in the Pure Leadership training centre. Jas Malcolm is able to host the workshop in other cities providing a sufficient number of attendees has been pre-booked. Please submit your request either under the ‘speaking’ key or ‘contacts’ link on this page.